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Fashion Week: Designers & Fragrance

Fashion Week: Designers & Fragrance

Fashion designers have been known to extend their catalog into the fragrance industry since the 1900’s. For both fashion and fragrance, it is the perfect paired relationship.

Fashion designers are able to capture the very essence of their brand in a single fragrance bottle and reach millions of consumers. In fact, due to the ever-growing popularity of fragrances, some fashion designers have begun to integrate their distinctive scent logos into their clothing collections. Let's be honest, fragrance is that one little piece of luxury from our beloved fashion brands we like to indulge in.

So, in honor of Fashion Week, let's take a look at our favorite fashion designers and their top signature fragrances.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is best known for his charmingly playful, almost whimsical pieces of fashion. His clothing and fragrance collections are perfect for those young at heart. Perhaps, Marc Jacobs most well-know scent is Daisy eau de toilette. Introduced in 2007, it is a refreshing interpretation of pure happiness and dreamy days.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Tory Burch

Popular for her chic, every day staples, Tory Burch has taken on the fashion industry since 2004. It is no wonder her first fragrance, aptly named Tory Burch, was an instant classic. A clean and polished fragrance bottle with the signature Tory Burch framework.

Tory Burch Signature Perfume

Ralph Lauren

One of the most well-known American designers, Ralph Lauren has been a key figure in the Fashion industry for over 50 years. Along with his timeless pieces for men, Ralph Lauren has also shown a romantic flair in his women's collections. Perhaps, best captured in his Romance eau de parfum fragrance for women. A scent whose very essence is encapsulating the feeling of falling in love. Ralph Lauren Romance is a classic and sensual scent perfect for date night.


Ralph Lauren Romance

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