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Celebrity Scents

Celebrity Scents

What do Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Beyoncé all have in common? Well, for one, they are all iconic pop stars. These powerhouse women in the music industry have not only topped the charts but have set fashion trends with their signature fragrances! As fans, we’ve spent countless hours listening to their music and following them on social media. Our relationship with superstars may be superficial but wearing the fragrances that they endorse allows us to feel closer to them. Some people choose their celebrity fragrance based on the pleasant and intriguing scent, while others, by their attachment and loyalty to the artist.  


Here’s a closer look at some of our prestigious celebrity scents.


  1. Britney Spears: The Queen of Fragrances


    I’m about to bring the heat
    Locking down the industry
    All dressed up and glamorous
    Red carpet and cameras
     -Britney Spears “Outrageous”


    Fantasy, by Britney Spears, was first introduced in 2005. Red litchi, white chocolate, orchid, musk, and kiwi are just a few notes that make up this sweet and luscious fragrance. The glitz and glam of Fantasy’s spherical shape mimics the sexy curves of every woman. This delightful scent will compliment you wherever you go.


    Don’t be fooled, the fantasy is real!

     Britney Spears Fantasy


    2. Katy Perry: The Crazy Packaging


    She’s a killer Queen
    Gunpowder, gelatin
    Dynamite with a laser beam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind
    -Freddy Mercury “Killer Queen”


    Katy Perry so truly identified with the woman that was portrayed in Freddy Mercury’s song, “Killer Queen”, that she decided to name her perfume after it. The fragrance was launched in 2013.

    Killer Queen is composed of bergamot, wild berries, cashmere, liquid praline and dark plum. Killer Queen is beautifully packaged as a red ruby that commands royalty and power.


    Wear the crown and own the throne!


    Katy Perry Killer Queen


    Killer Queen by Katy Perry


    3. Beyoncé: The Sensual Mystery


    I love the way you walk into the room
    Body shining lighting up the place
    And when you talk, everybody stops
    ‘Cause they know you know just what to say
    -Beyoncé “Hello”


    If you want to stand out and make a statement, then you’ll want to try Midnight Heat, by Beyoncé. It was added to Beyoncé’s perfume collection in 2012. This fragrance is made up of black tulips, purple peony, sandalwood and patchouli. It has a floral and fruity scent that is as appealing as the artist herself!


    Can you feel the heat?


    Beyonce Midnight Heat


    Midnight Heat by Beyoncé


    4. Justin Bieber: The Teen Spirit


    If I was your boyfriend
    I’d never let you go
    Keep you on my arm girl
    You’d never be alone
    And I can be a gentleman
    Anything you want
    If I was your boyfriend
    I’d never let you go


    -Justin Bieber “Boyfriend”


    Girlfriend, by Justin Bieber was announced to his fans in 2012. Get up close and personal with the artist by wearing his whimsical and seductive fragrance. This flirtatious perfume contains a splash of mandarin, apricot nectar, vanilla orchid, and star jasmine.


    Justin Bieber may not be on the market but his perfume sure is!



    Justin Bieber Girlfriend


    Girlfriend by Justin Bieber


    5. Paris Hilton: The Male Magnet


    Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

    – Paris Hilton


    Nothing says pretty in pink like Paris Hilton’s signature fragrance, Paris Hilton for women. Launched in 2005, Paris Hilton for Women was the first fragrance in the celebrity’s perfume collection. The heiress is a true trend setter and knows how to appeal to the crowd. Her fruity fragrance is made up of apple, melon and peach along with jasmine, lily, ylang-ylang and oakmoss. Paris Hilton for women is a pheromone-based perfume, like the fashionista herself, it’s irresistible!



    That’s Hot! -Paris Hilton


    Paris Hilton perfume


    Paris Hilton for women



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