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Yes, all our discounted designer fragrances are truly authentic products and trademarks.


It is perfectly safe to buy from All of our fragrances and products are 100% genuine, designer goods.


Yes. Your data is transmitted using SSL encryption. For payments with credit and debit cards, you are required to enter the CVV (Card Verification Value), a code printed on the card that serves as a security measure during commercial electronic transactions. stocks thousands of fragrances, including designer perfumes which have been discontinued. Fragrances can have a very long shelf life, providing they are properly stored, which means we can continue stocking hard-to-find fragrances at the best prices.


Unboxed perfumes are authentic and genuine perfumes whose outer box has been removed because it was damaged during transit. An authentic unboxed perfume is exactly the same as its boxed counterpart.


The amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance defines what type of fragrance it is. The highest concentration of oils is in pure perfume. Next would be Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette, and finally Eau de Cologne. Some manufacturers make a solid perfume, which is as strong as a pure perfume. Eau De Toilette and Eau De Cologne are generally interchangeable, especially in Men's fragrances. After shave has the least amount of oils. The higher the concentration the longer your fragrance will last, and the less you need to apply.


Fragrances are comprised of many different scents; these scents are called "notes". Top notes are very light and last just a few minutes. Middle notes become apparent about 15 minutes after application and can last up to an hour or more. Bottom notes consist of heavier ingredients. These last the longest, usually for several hours. 


Perfumes should always be kept in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can cause an imbalance in the ingredients of the perfume, which may damage it and/or cause it to spoil. Always keep your perfume inside the box to make it last longer.


The longevity (or lasting effect) differs between fragrances, depending on the concentration of oils, the heaviness of the base notes, and the application method. Top of the line fragrances tend to smell their best for about 4 hours or more. Some fragrances last throughout the day, but the aroma fades gradually. You may want to reapply to refresh the scent.


The smell of perfumes depends on the skin type and PH levels of an individual’s skin. Dry skin absorbs the perfume faster and the perfume fades quicker. Applying a matching body oil or lotion can extend the longevity of a perfume.


The alcohol in perfume is a key factor in ensuring that the perfume evaporates from the skin. This process is what causes the scent to disperse, emanating from the skin.”



Fragrance Room Inscentives FAQs 


The Fragrance Room Inscentives Loyalty Program allows you to earn points when you purchase your favorite fragrances and products. Your points can be redeemed for rewards like discounts, points on your birthday, free samples and free shipping. Different rewards are available at 3 subscription levels: Signature, Collector and Enthusiast.


To sign up for Fragrance Room Inscentives online, visit the Fragrance Room website and follow the steps below: 
1. Click Register or Fragrance Room Inscentives and Create a store account. 
2. Enter your name and email to subscribe. 
3. Create a username and a password. 
4. Save. You will receive a confirmation email.


Yes, you will receive your first reward the moment you subscribe. You can also start shopping right away.


There are several ways to earn points. First, create an online account on
- When you create your account on, you instantly receive 1 000 points.
- When you purchase products, you get 10 points for every $1 spent. This also applies to fragrances on sale, last calls and gift sets. 
- Stay connected on social media to earn easy rewards points. Link your Facebook, or Instagram accounts to your Fragrance Room Inscentives account and earn points when sharing content, liking and following our social media pages. 

+ Like our Facebook page: 1 000 points 
+ Follow us on Instagram: 1 000 points 
+ Share our content on Facebook or Twitter: 500 points 
+ Write a product review: 500 points 

- The Fragrance Room Inscentives Loyalty Program celebrates clients’ special days. You will be gifted with 1 500 additional points on your birthday. 
- The first time you place an order, the Fragrance Room Inscentives Loyalty Program grants you 1 000 additional points. So, if your first order is a $40 fragrance (400 points), 1000 extra points are added to the balance.


From discounted offers to free shipping, Fragrance Room Inscentives rewards you with several ways to treat yourself. 
- When your account reaches 10 000 points, you get $15 off your next purchase. 
- When your account reaches 25 000 points, you get $50 off your next purchase. 
- You can claim free samples starting at 10 000 points. 
- Free shipping is offered once your balance reaches 50 000 points.
(Note: Your points balance is based on the cumulative points earned over the lifetime of your account, not points held at one time.)


Fragrance Room sends you rewards that match your Fragrance Room Inscentives membership profile, which is either Signature, Collector or Enthusiast.


Points expire after 24 months of inactivity, otherwise they do not expire.


Fragrance Room Inscentives offers 3 different levels of subscription to help you make the most out of your purchases. 
Signature: Starts as soon as you create an account . Get points for signing up, and bonus points for sharing your birthday. 
Collector: Starts at 10 000 points. Get free sample offers, and more discounts. 
Enthusiast: Starts at 50 000 points. On top of all privileges from Signature and Collector, get exclusive pre-order prices, 2 samples with each product purchased, and a monthly sneak-peek into the Fragrance Room limited-edition fragrance stock. 
Your points balance is based on the cumulative points earned over the lifetime of your account, not points held at one time.) 


Go to your website account and click on Edit profile. Then click on Delete account. When you delete your website account, the account is automatically removed.