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Your Ideal Fragrance Family: Oriental

Your Ideal Fragrance Family: Oriental

With summer coming to an end, it’s that time of year to pack away your bathing suits, shorts and summer dresses. Out come the heavy knit sweaters, infinity scarves and numerous pairs of stylish denims. Your wardrobe should not be the only aspect of change as the seasons transition. Your perfume is your best accessory and compliments your every outfit. Those fruity and citrusy scents may have made you smell fresh and vibrant during those hot summer days however, with the fall weather just around the corner, your perfume selection will need a slight makeover.

No need to cross the ocean to experience the warmth, spiciness and exotic scents of the Oriental Fragrance Family. Oriental scents are one of several fragrance families. They consist of woody, earthy, musky, vanilla and spicy rich notes. Oriental scents are quite potent and tend to linger and last longer on your skin. So get ready to make a statement that will have your friends, co-workers and passer-byers questioning which perfume you are wearing!


Earthy and Woody Oriental Scents

Earthy and woody scents, in the Oriental fragrance family, awakens your inner, free-spirited bohemian self. The fundamental desire to become one with nature blends beautifully with the sun- kissed earthy look and feel. Prada Candy Kiss for women, is just one of Fragrance Room’s top selections for a musky scent neutralized by a sweetness that will enchant your sense of smell. It’s top notes are musk, orange blossom and vanilla.


Warm and Spicy Oriental Scents

Oriental scents are timeless, rich and exotic. When you walk into a room, are you chin up, head held high, strutting your stuff like you are walking the runway? Wearing spicy oriental scents will make you feel confident, sultry and seductively sensual.   

Add some heat into your life with Fragrance Room’s seasoned selections of spicy oriental scents. Opium for women by Yves Saint Laurent is a legendary fragrance that stands the test of time. With top notes of jasmine and cloves, middle notes of cinnamon and lily of the valley and base notes of sandalwood and amber, it’s no wonder that this classic perfume has been around since 1977. Dolce & Gabbana, The One for men, is carefully formulated with coriander, basil, ginger and cedar. Watch out because your man will smell absolutely irresistible!  Angel by Thierry Mugler, is another warm and spicy fragrance that will brighten up your day and light up your night with its celestial composition. This heavenly perfume is blended with various scents such as, patchouli, bergamot nutmeg, honey and cassis. A star is born!


Vanilla Oriental Scents

Vanilla is another subgroup in the oriental fragrance family. It has a warm and pleasant aroma that tends to have a calming and soothing affect as it wafts through the air around us. Vanilla is an inviting scent as it embraces the very essence of what fall is all about, warmth, nature, and cozying up by the fireplace. The vanilla scent is a delicate fragrance that magically fuses with many other top, middle and base notes.  Paco Rabanne’s Olympea for women is a heavenly perfume that emanates a divine marriage between salty and sweet. Green mandarin, ginger lily, salted vanilla and cashmere are just a few of its’ scented notes.


The More the Merrier

Our Fragrance Room experts are determined to offer our clients and followers the confidence and knowledge of choosing the best possible perfumes. Some people tend to stick to the same perfume that they have worn for years, however there are so many different possibilities and choices. No one is saying to ditch your go-to fragrance, rather, we are suggesting you add to your collection as summer slips gracefully into fall. Whether it’s a woody, sweet, or musky scent you are looking for, Fragrance Room has a vast selection of genuine premium perfume and cologne brands at the best discounted prices.