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Men's Guide to Cologne

Men's Guide to Cologne

Choosing the Right Cologne

While choosing the right cologne may not be a science, your body chemistry does play a key role in whether or not the scent is right for you. It is important to spray on a cologne that appeals to you and then let it work with the natural oils of your skin. The scent may alter as the cologne tends to evaporate throughout the day releasing the top, mid, and base notes. You will want to select the cologne that compliments you and that will last and linger as long as you need it to. Cologne is unique and has its own distinct fragrance thus, it should be carefully paired for the right occasions.


How to Apply Cologne

The best time to apply cologne is right after you take a shower, your pores are open and will absorb the scent at a deeper level. Placement is also key, applying cologne to your pulse points will allow it to endure as long as possible as it blends better with the heat from your body. Make sure to spray your cologne 10-15 cm away from your body, otherwise, it may run liquidly on your skin. Avoid spraying cologne on your clothing, it won’t last as long and may leave an oily, undesirable stain. A little goes a long way, use it but don’t abuse of it.

Our Top Picks


Men wear cologne because it makes them feel fresh, clean, polished and attractive. There are many benefits to wearing cologne that supersede the common reasons. Depending on the notes of the fragrance, wearing cologne can reduce stress, increase focus and attention, and give a boost of energy. Fragrance Room has a vast collection of men’s colognes to suit your needs, style and fashion. Here are a few selections to get you started.

Byredo Sunday Cologne is the rebirth of its namesake, Fantastic Man. This cologne is a timeless scent that echoes a relaxing Sunday afternoon, but don’t be fooled by its name, this sleek and poised cologne can be worn any day of the week. With notes of bergamot, star anise, geranium, lavender and incense, Byredo Sunday Cologne offers a fresh citrusy scent.

One Million for men by Paco Rabanne is a luxurious cologne that joined the world of fragrances in 2008. Although Its gold packaging exudes power and wealth, it is what is on the inside that matters the most. Grapefruit, cinnamon, spices, leather, patchouli and rose petals are just a few notes that make up this lavish cologne.

Polo Red for men by Ralph Lauren is a fiery cologne that is comprised of all things hot and spicy. Cranberry, red grapefruit, sage, saffron and lavender fuse together as one creating a bittersweet, aromatic scent. This cologne will have them blushing. Dylan Blue Cologne by Versace will cool things down a bit with its aquatic compilation of water notes, fig leaf, papyrus, ambroxan and violet leaf. You won’t feel blue after wearing this cologne.

“Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman.”