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Cast a Spell - Scents People are Attracted to

Cast a Spell - Scents People are Attracted to

Think of your perfume as a magical potion that was conjured up by a
perfumer who carefully harvested the perfect medley of ingredients to
enhance your sense of smell. While some perfumes may carry similar
components, not one is fully dressed like the other. Allow Fragrance
Room to enchant you with their spell binding selection of October
Love Spell
Chocolate, largely associated as an aphrodisiac, acts as a mood
stimulator as it enhances your sensuality. Sweet, silky and mouth-
watering, chocolate is not only desirable in its edible form but in the
olfactory sense as well. Whether boxed or bottled up, there is no
denying that chocolate nourishes all of your cravings.
Vanilla is a scent that is very common in perfumes. It’s pleasing,
delectable fragrance has a soothing and calming effect on the energy
around us. The vanilla scent lowers stress levels allowing you to loosen
up, relax and enjoy the moment between you and your partner.
Sandalwood is a scent often used in aromatherapy. It is an exotic
fragrance with a woodsy composition that retains its’ natural odor.
Sandalwood offers an exhilarating arousal of the senses with a strength
and stamina that bonds a variety of scents.
Carefully combine all of these alluring scents and allow them to
synthesize and conjure up the perfect selection of fragrances. Angel for
Women by Thierry Mugler – eau de parfum spray is one of Fragrance
Room’s top selections for a romantic and heavenly perfume. Composed
of chocolate, vanilla and sandalwood, this perfume is the perfect match
to captivate your loved one.
Attraction Spell

Patchouli is an extremely popular earthy and spicy scent that has been
widely linked to numerous health benefits. It acts as an anti-depressant
allowing your mood to be balanced and harmonious. Patchouli is also
associated as a natural aphrodisiac, stimulating the libido and appealing
to your inner magnetism. Just a touch of the patchouli scent will do the
trick, so treat yourself to Flowerbomb for Women by Viktor & Rolf –
eau de parfum spray! With notes of bergamot, sambac, jasmine and
patchouli, Flowerbomb will absolutely blow you away leaving you
wanting more.

Jasmine is a luscious and inviting botanical scent. Its’ fragrant florals
offer a romantic and flirtatious attraction to those who wear it and to
those who just want to get closer to it. Good Girl for Women by
Carolina Herrera – eau de parfum consists of jasmine, tuberose, cocoa
and tonka beans. This perfume is dressed up beautifully in its high heel
shape making the good girl in you feel oh so naughty!
Cast the Right Spell
The wonderful thing about fragrances is that we can associate it with
however we want to look or feel. Sexy, playful, or hot and spicy, the
right perfume can cast a spell on whomever your heart desires. Choose
wisely from Fragrance Room’s bewitching selection of perfumes and